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The Collective

The Collective is a collaboration of young bookers, marketing and PR specialists from the live music entertainment sector. VISIONARY COLLECTIVE is more than just a creative think tank; it is a synergetic formation of young idea and action strategists, who aim to build a collective with their artists and partners. The Collective is a subsidiary of the KBK Concert & Artist Agency, one of Germany’s most renowned concert agencies.

Our Vision

We transferred our experience into our fresh agency brand VISIONARY COLLECTIVE, focusing on an upcoming generation of artists. We are convinced that young target groups need a contemporary approach. The aim of the Collective is the strategic collaborative developement of creative concepts in artist acquisitions and longterm artist career establishment, as well as designing individual campaigns and platforms for our artists. The collective seeks strategic development of networks in order to maximise cross disciplinary and marketing effects across all sectors of the media industry, online distributers, labels and festivals.

Our Achievements

We have already established a recognised reputation in the fields of tour promoting, booking, brand and artist development. VISIONARY COLLECTIVE has successfully scouted, established international acts and promoted them in Germany. Among these acts are artists such as “Birdy”, “Asaf Avidan & The Mojos” and "Claire", who have evolved into great artists.

Our SpotlightArtistof the month

FEE.s Album „EIN ZIMMER KÜCHE BAD“ erscheint bereits am 09. März 2018! Dazu gibt es einen Monat später die passenden Live Shows. Zusammen mit Ihrer Band feiert FEE. den Album Release in zwei Städten:

FEE.s debut album „EIN ZIMMER KÜCHE BAD“ will be released on March 9th! This is a reason to celebrate! FEE. will be playing 2 album release shows in Frankfurt & Hamburg:

FEE. & Band
16.04.18, Frankfurt – Nachtleben
24.04.18, Hamburg – Häkken

"Most of all, we want to be a partner for our artists."
Klaus Bönisch

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