Visionary Collective welcomes NoMBe


When he was 19, Noah McBeth went with his class on a trip from Germany to Las Vegas. He never returned…He left his home, family, and friends behind to follow his one true passion: music.

This year, as NoMBe, he unveils his album, a tribute to all of the women that might’ve even loved him. Reminiscent of a diary, NoMBe’s forthcoming debut album, “They Might’ve Even Loved Me ”, is a brutally honest account of family, romance, sex and heartbreak. His initial singles have already caught the ear of Pharrell, who said, „He makes music for the subconscious with colorful layers and unexpected water slides. He writes and produces dream sequences.‘

Recently named the first ever Sirius XM Alt Nation „Critical Cut“ artist watch out for NoMBe to breakout this year leading up to his debut album release in January 2018.