Glasgow, Scotland

Catholic Action are a product of the infamous Glasgow music scene from which bands such as Travis, Franz Ferdinand and The Fratellis have emerged and their incomparable sound has won them fans all over the island. Catholic Action was founded in 2014 by singer McCrory, bassist Jamie Dubber and drummer Ryan Clark. Andrew Mcpherson joined the band later as a lead guitarist, adding further glamour to the band’s own sound, which they call Glam Noise Rock. The four-piece band is centered around very talented singer and guitarist Chris McCrory, who is already known to some as the drummer of the band Casual Sex. At just 24 years old, McCrory is a full-time producer and sound engineer in his own recording studio, which he set up right after school. While working with many artists from the DIY scene in Glasgow, he has also made a name for himself as an exceptional songwriter, making Catholic Action one of the most respected bands in the city and ready to convince the rest of the world.