‘Cathy Come Home’ is a first taste of what’s to come from Flyte’s highly anticipated debut album, set to be released on August 25th. In the school of Grizzly Bear, Alt J, and Fleet Foxes they have used their four voices to guide their sound, avoiding crashing cymbals and layers of electric guitars in favour of a more crafted, carefully constructed approach. Lead singer Will Taylor’s style of lyric writing weaves threads of George Orwell and Evelyn Waugh with Nick Drake and Ray Davies, tapping into the English malaise and coming of age nostalgia like so many writers before him.

Flyte separately admit that as early as age ten, a career in music was their only ambition. Drummer Jon Supran and bassist Nick Hill met guitarist Will Taylor at their local comprehensive school, where Will’s parents both taught English. They later came upon keys player Sam Berridge busking at Tottenham Court Road station after moving to Hackney in their late teens. Accomplished songwriters who quickly earned a reputation for their trademark vocal arrangements and live show, the band released a flurry of alternative singles before pairing up with Courtney Barnett producer Burke Reid to create their first full length record.