Maajo is a rare tropical breeze from the cold north. The band draws inspiration from nature and wanderlust. Their musical expeditions lead from their native hinterland towards african soundscapes, from deep jungles to Finnish summers, occasionally stopping to reflect on the urban hustle and bustle of the last century. Mysticism, electronic and organic rhythms, ethereality, the sounds of nature, rare languages and catchy melodies all make up the patchwork of the sound of Maajo.

The band, on the verge of their second full-length release, has published music on labels such as Permanent Vacation, though their home continues to be the recently established Queen Nanny. The band also wrote a soundtrack for the original (and silent) film Lost World, originally made in the 1920’s, received the remix treatment from Luke Vibert and Call Super, and travelled festivals and clubs far and wide. Maajo’s music has found its way to people’s hearts on all populated continents, even if on their own native soil they are relatively unknown.